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So you get these annoying headaches all the time and you can’t figure out why. Is it allergies, the weather, a cold, sinus issues? Who knows? Maybe it’s one or a combination of those things, maybe not. It turns out that your oral health or TMJ (temporomandibular joint) could be the cause or contributing to your headaches or migraines!

Gums Growing Over Braces

Orthodontia, or braces, can greatly improve the appearance and function of the teeth and build your confidence. However, orthodontic appliances may also contribute to your gums growing over your braces, enlarged gums, or even gum recession.

The fact is, wearing braces can make cleaning or brushing your teeth more difficult. When you can’t clean your teeth thoroughly, bacteria can gather and irritate the gum tissue causing it to become inflamed and overgrown or swollen. This gum tissue growing over your braces makes it even more difficult to clean your teeth causing added irritation.

Non Surgical Gum Disease Cure

Antimicrobial Therapy for Periodontal Disease   Antimicrobial therapy eliminates gum disease in four easy steps: Dr. Nemeth will provide a bacterial and parasitic diagnosis by using the microscope, clinical signs, and sometimes a culture. The infection will be eliminated with the use of scaling, the laser, disinfectant products and specially selected antibiotics based on an individualized…

Cure Gum Disease Without Surgery

Non-Surgical Gum Disease Therapy in Michigan Gingivitis is the early stage of gum disease marked by bleeding, swollen gums and dangerous oral bacteria. Left untreated, gingivitis will likely advance into  gum disease or periodontitis. Traditionally, surgical intervention was necessary to get the oral infection under control. These days we are able to stop the disease…


CAN DRUG USE RUIN YOUR TEETH?   With so many people currently addicted to drugs and as many as three million new users each year there is bound to be an upsurge in periodontal disease as well. It’s not news that people with drug addictions would be more likely to have periodontal disease and tooth…