Detroit Dentist Performs Laser Frenectomy Procedure

If you’ve been referred to a specialist by your general dentist for a frenectomy procedure, you may not know exactly what it is. It is important to be a well-informed patient so you can understand the procedure you need and which questions to ask about it.



A frenectomy is surgical procedure where a fold of tissue called the frenulum is removed. The frenulum, in terms of the mouth, is generally located on the lips, the tongue, or on the ginigival tissue between the front two teeth. A frenectomy is a fairly common dental procedure, often done before or in conjunction with orthodontics.

There are several different reasons a patient may need to have a frenectomy. People who have ankyloglossia, or those who are “tongue-tied”, have an unusually short, thick lingual frenulum. This tissue connects the underside of the tongue to the floor of the mouth, often impairing speech and oral hygiene.

A labial frenectomy is a procedure which removes the frenulum that is attached to the upper lip between the two front teeth. This tissue can cause a space in between the front teeth, as well as gum recession. Often, an orthodontist or general dentist may refer a patient to a specialist to remove the frenulum in order to close the space in the front teeth.

We have done many, many frenectomy procedures and love being able to help perfect a smile! In many cases, a laser may be used to remove part or all of the frenulum. Visit our photo gallery to view frenectomy cases we have treated in the past.