The Dental Dangers of Nail Biting!

Nail biting…bad for the nails and the TEETH.

Very commom among children and teenagers, nail biters often grow out of the habbit before adulthood. In recent economic hardship, the number of adults who are nailbiters has increased. Believe it or not, nail biting can actually cause physical harm to the teeth and gums!

Often a sign of stress or nervousness, biting the nails can lead to serious dental implications. One of the more common dental problems with nailbiting is that sharp or jagged nails can cut the gums, creating wounds or sores that can easily get infected from bacteria in the mouth and on the fingers.

Malocclusion or misaligned teeth can also result from chronic nail biting. Serious nail biters will align their bite in positions that allow them to properly bite the nail. Although uncommon, the jaw may grow into permanent misalignment if it is misaligned frequently enough.

The most common problem relating to oral health and nail biting is the development of bruxism, which is the unintentional grinding or clenching of the teeth. Bruxism can lead to dental injury, facial pain, jaw pain, headaches, and sensitive teeth. Nail biters may also notice themselves clenching and grinding their teeth at night.

The bottom line is…for nice teeth and nails, keep your fingers away from your choppers!

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