Your first visit: what to expect during a dental consultation

During your first visit to our office, any emergency problems or discomfort will be taken care of immediately. You will receive a thorough periodontal examination, and we will take a health history and x-rays necessary to make an accurate diagnosis. In order to better prepare for your first visit, please click on the link below to print and fill out your patient registration forms. Please bring the completed forms with you on the day of your initial visit. Also below is a link to a personal medication record which you may choose to print and bring with you as well. If your general dentist has taken x-rays, we encourage you to ask that office to forward a copy to us so that we do not have to duplicate them. A second appointment will be scheduled for you to meet with Dr. Nemeth and one of our treatment coordinators. At this appointment, a thorough explanation of the results from the initial examination will be discussed. Recommendations for treatment, insurance benefits and cost will also be reviewed. Any questions or concerns you may have regarding treatment will be answered. If you would like to bring someone with you to this appointment, we encourage you to do so since two pairs of ears are better than one! We will take as much time as you need to fully understand your diagnosis, your treatment and your outlook.

Dental insurance accepted:
Our practice accepts many traditional plans. Any questions regarding insurance will be answered at your treatment conference, or you are welcome to contact us.