Your Body Holds the Key

Sometimes the least comfortable part about dental treatment is not the procedure itself but the healing process that follows. The body heals at its own pace, and depending upon how complex a treatment is, that could be a long time. But what if there were a way—a completely natural way—to speed up your body’s healing process? With the help of advanced technology, this solution exists, and we have it here at Nemeth & Katranji Periodontics. Platelet-rich fibrin, or PRF, is reducing recovery times for patients just like you every day. Our highly trained and credentialed doctors can use PRF with bone grafting, placement of dental implants, and other procedures. Best of all, the source is your own body. Many practices don’t offer this treatment!


Why we use platelet-rich fibrin

Facilitate faster healing after bone grafts and dental implants
Reduce your swelling during and after surgery
Minimize your post-surgery pain
Decrease your likelihood of developing post-operative complications
Heal you using no additives, chemicals or anything artificial

Be Your Own Best Healer

We use lasers and other technological tools to make procedures as minimally invasive as possible from the outset, allowing for quicker healing. The addition of growth factors such as platelet-rich fibrin/PRF means you can enjoy an even faster return to normal life, where eating, speaking, and smiling look and feel completely comfortable. Growth factors are proteins that are found naturally in your blood and stimulate your body’s healing process. With PRF we harness those natural healing properties to help you recuperate after many of the treatments we offer here in our Southfield, MI office.

We begin by withdrawing a small quantity of your blood. We place this in a centrifuge and spin it at a high speed, which results in the different layers of blood separating. We then isolate the fibrin and introduce a sample of it back into your surgical site. This forms a protective layer, similar to the way a scab forms over a cut to help it heal. Nothing could be more natural or effective. As a member of the Holistic Dental Association, Dr. Nemeth is committed to improving your health through biologically based methods whenever available.