The Science Behind LANAP

LANAP (Laser-Assisted New Attachment Procedure) is based on a mix of laser physics and periodontal disease biology. LANAP is a minimally invasive surgical procedure for the treatment of gum disease that uses a specialized laser to remove infected tissue while preserving healthy tissue.

Laser energy is a highly focused and concentrated kind of light energy, making it perfect for use in medical operations. The laser used in LANAP is developed particularly to target and destroy sick gum tissue without harming healthy gum tissue. Laser energy coagulates contaminated tissue, occluding blood vessels and halting bleeding. Additionally, the laser stimulates the creation of new tissue, which expedites the healing process and enhances the gums’ overall health.

The mechanics of laser energy in LANAP have been widely studied and are well understood. When administered to contaminated tissue, the laser’s energy causes the tissue to melt, eliminating the infected tissue without harming the surrounding healthy tissue. In addition to coagulating blood vessels, the laser light reduces postoperative bleeding and pain.

In addition to its favorable effects on soft tissue, LANAP has also been found to benefit the underlying bone. The laser light encourages the creation of new bone tissue, preventing future deterioration of the skeletal framework. This is especially crucial in the treatment of gum disease, as periodontitis is a degenerative condition that can lead to considerable bone and connective tissue loss.

The enhanced grasp of laser physics and periodontal biology reflected in LANAP’s scientific foundations. The confluence of these two professions has enabled the creation of a minimally invasive surgical approach that is successful, safe, and offers patients a more comfortable and quicker-healing alternative to conventional procedures.

Dr. Joseph Nemeth, a leading periodontist in Southfield, Michigan, is one of the most experienced and credentialed periodontists across the country who offers LANAP to patients. Dr. Nemeth has vast expertise doing LANAP and has personally witnessed the procedure’s good benefits on his patients. He is committed to providing his patients with the most advanced least invasive periodontal treatments and to assisting them in achieving and sustaining excellent oral health.

LANAP is based on a mix of laser physics and periodontal biology. The process employs a specialized laser to carefully remove diseased tissue while keeping healthy tissue intact, facilitating speedier healing and enhancing the gums’ general health. Patients seeking a minimally invasive and faster-healing alternative to conventional periodontal treatments are recommended to seek out a certified periodontist offering LANAP.

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