Symptoms – Gum Recession

Gum Recession Can Be Avoided By Seeking Early Treatment for Gum Disease

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Gum Recession Affects Your Smile

Gum recession is fairly common, especially in people over 40. However, it can occur so gradually that many do not know they suffer with the condition. They simply get used to the way their teeth look throughout the different stages of gum recession and might not realize it before it becomes a bigger problem. Dr. Joseph Nemeth is a periodontist in Southfield, MI who can diagnose your gum recession and possible gum disease symptoms.


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Dr. Nemeth can treat your gum recession in his office, but how do you know you have gum recession? Below you can find some common symptoms of gum recession.

  • Tooth mobility Your teeth can feel very loose when chewing or if you touch them.
  • Tooth sensitivity You experience pain with hot, cold, spicy, or sweet foods (this can occur when the roots of your teeth are exposed).
  • Your teeth appear longer This is where we get the expression “long in the tooth.” The gums have worn away making your teeth appear to be longer.
  • Notching at the gum line Teeth appear to be two different colors. Your exposed root is usually darker in color than the part above the gum line.
  • The appearance of “black triangles” It might appear like spaces are growing between your teeth.
  • Cavities below your gum line
  • Red, puffy, or inflamed gums This can occur if gingivitis is causing your gum disease symptoms.
  • Gums bleeding while brushing or flossing.
  • Bad breath or halitosis.

Gum recession can cause periodontal “pockets” to form as the tissue pulls away from your teeth. This provides the perfect environment for damaging bacteria to build up and lead to gum disease. If you think you have receding gums in Southfield, MI, you should not ignore it. Call Dr. Nemeth’s office and make an appointment for a consultation as soon as possible.


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