Non Surgical Gum Disease Cure

Antimicrobial Therapy for Periodontal Disease


Antimicrobial therapy eliminates gum disease in four easy steps:

  1. Dr. Nemeth will provide a bacterial and parasitic diagnosis by using the microscope, clinical signs, and sometimes a culture.
  2. The infection will be eliminated with the use of scaling, the laser, disinfectant products and specially selected antibiotics based on an individualized microbial diagnosis.
  3. The patient will look after their gums and teeth with good plaque control, anti-septics and regular professional maintenance.
  4. Avoid reinfection from others, pets, food and water (especially in the Caribbean), and continue bacterial and parasitic control.


A Non Surgical Approach to Eliminate Gum Disease Causing Bacteria


The elimination of oral parasites can lead to the recovery of gum disease. As with all periodontal treatments, good home care is crucial to it’s ongoing success. In some cases, laser therapy will be recommended in conjunction with an antimicrobial approach.

Dr. Joseph Nemeth is regarded as a leader in periodontics and has been recognized for many accomplishments in the field. This specific antimicrobial approach for curing gum disease as taught by Dr. Mark Bonner is only practiced by three periodontist in the United State, with Dr. Joseph Nemeth being the first to be certified.


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