The Pinhole Surgical Technique, Explained by Dr. Joseph R. Nemeth, on CBS

Pinhole Surgical Technique

Our gums are more important than any of us might think.

The main role of our gums is to protect our teeth.  Having healthy gums is vital to our overall health but, as we get older, our gums can shrink or recede, resulting in our gums pulling away from our teeth exposing the tooth’s roots causing gaps or pockets between the teeth and gums.

Board certified Periodontists, Dr. Joseph Nemeth and Dr. Amar Katranji , along with their highly trained team are among the elite list of practices who have the experience and skills to provide the most advanced choice in gum recession treatment available today – The Pinhole Surgical Technique.

As we get older particularly, there’s a term called long in the tooth and very often gum tissue tends to recede with age. Why? Brushing too hard, brushing too frequently and the gum tissue thins out and it has a tendency to recede. It can lead to tooth loss, sensitivity and cosmetic problems as well as possible decay in the newly exposed root surface.


Now, we learn about Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation and how this treatment works:


The Pinhole Surgical Technique which is what I’ve been using for a number of years and was developed by John Chao, in California, for me is a revolution.

  1. We make a small pinhole in the gum tissue.
  2. We then take specially patented instruments going through that small pinhole to loosen the gum tissue.
  3. We loosen it and we bring it over the receded roots.
  4. Then we take a collagen material and we put it through that pinhole and put it in place in order to thicken and hold that receded gum tissue back up over the roots.

Now, this technique was designed to be pain-free.  The Pinhole Surgical Technique was designed to be suture free and scalpel free. Now, sometimes sutures are used but it’s truly minimally invasive. Most of the patients have little or no pain and it really works wonderfully. It’s very predictable and I rarely, if ever, take tissue from the palate unless there is some really unusual circumstance.

So basically in my mind, the gold standard for me is the Pinhole Surgical Technique.

Dr. Joseph Nemeth and Dr. Amar Katranji offer top notch experience in the most advanced treatments to give their patients healthy mouths and healthy smiles.

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