Cure Gum Disease Without Surgery

Non-Surgical Gum Disease Therapy in Michigan

Gingivitis is the early stage of gum disease marked by bleeding, swollen gums and dangerous oral bacteria. Left untreated, gingivitis will likely advance into  gum disease or periodontitis.

Traditionally, surgical intervention was necessary to get the oral infection under control. These days we are able to stop the disease progression and return the mouth to good health with minimally invasive treatments.

One of the latest treatment options starts with a microscope. Dr. Joseph Nemeth is the first periodontist in Michigan to be trained and personally certified by Montreal dentist Dr. Mark Bonner in his technique a “Cure for Periodontal Disease,” a new noninvasive, nonsurgical therapy for gum disease.

The Cure for Periodontal Disease Available in Michigan

A microscope is used to determine whether the patient is infected by pathogenic micro-organisms and to identify the harmful bacteria that cause gum disease. With the help of lasers, antibiotics, antiseptics, and other drugs, we are able to control and eliminate gum infections. The disease is treated just like any other, by eliminating contamination factors.

When pathogenic microbes are eliminated, typically bad breath will disappear, gums will stop bleeding, and healing can continue until the pockets have closed up around the teeth.

LANAP Laser to Eliminate Gum Disease

Dr. Nemeth also uses LANAP laser-based therapy to painlessly treat gum disease, targeting the source of inflammation without removing any healthy gum tissue.

LANAP not only stops gum disease, it’s the only laser cleared by the FDA for the regeneration of bone and soft tissue that has been destroyed by the disease process.

Additionally, we can now treat gum recession without gum grafts. Dr. Nemeth was the first periodontist in the state to be trained and certified to perform Chao Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation, a minimally invasive technique for covering receding gums.

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