Trick Your Body with Less Exercise and Get Better Results



We all know we need to exercise and how important fitness is, but finding or making time isn’t always easy.
Now you won’t have the excuse that you don’t have time because all you need is 10 minutes 3x a week to get
the benefits. And those benefits aren’t just physical! It’s time to start working out smarter not harder.

Fitness is Important to Your Physical and Mental Health                      



Exercise is important to your total well-being, including your brain health. For many years it was

believed that you were born with a certain number of brain cells and there was no way to increase them.

But it’s now known that isn’t true. Research has shown that new nerve cells (neurons) are created

(neurogenesis) in at least two ways – survival (new and exciting experiences) and exercise.  The survival

rate can be increased to around 80% percent with the addition of exercise. Exercise boosts the production

of a protein called noggin (seriously!)


Exercise Creates New Brain Cells Too!


Increases in noggin result in more stem cell divisions and succeeding neurogenesis. Higher levels of noggin

have even been shown to promote tissue repair and improve functional recovery from stroke. Even after

years of inactivity, noggin can ‘wake up’ adult stem cells. This shows that it’s never too late to start



Fitness Routines Don’t Have to Be Intense To Be Effective


The good news is that you don’t need a lot of time for exercise either. Recent research has shown that

shorter bursts of high intensity exercise can be more effective than longer periods of more intense exercise.

A 2016 study has shown that over 12 weeks, three minutes of intense intermittent exercise per week with a

total commitment time of 30 minutes for the entire week, is as effective as 150 minutes per week of

moderate-intensity continuous training!


For example, the following ten minute exercise/workout can improve cardiorespiratory fitness, blood

sugar, muscle adaption, and body mass by the same amount as 45 minutes of moderate exercise!




  • 2 minutes of easy cycling warm-up
  • 20 seconds of ‘all out’ cycling
  • 2 minutes of easy cycling
  • 20 seconds of ‘all-out’ cycling
  • 2 minutes of easy cycling
  • 20 seconds of ‘all-out’ cycling
  • 3 minutes of easy cycling for cool down


You don’t have to cycle, try walking on a treadmill or even outside. This is exciting news for all of us,

including those couch potatoes, you know who you are! Who can’t find 10 minutes to exercise three times a



 New Experiences Create New Brain Cells Too!


When you try something new, from learning a new language, taking up a new hobby, traveling, changing

jobs or moving, etc., new neurons are created almost as a survival mechanism.


Several studies have shown that introduction to new positive situations trigger stem cells that increase the

number of brain neurons by around 15% within the first month alone! However, it takes two months for

the neurons to fully develop. Typically, about 50% of the neurons are able to ‘reach out’ and make the

necessary connections to survive.


It’s not news to any of us that exercise is extremely important to your overall health, but we think that the

word, ‘exercise’ has a negative connotation. Exercise doesn’t have to be a hassle or a chore. You can still

reap all of the benefits that fitness buffs get in as little as 30 minutes a week! Training your body around a

consistent fitness schedule will most definitely improve your physical, oral and mental health. Your body

and brain will thank you.