New Link Between Lung Cancer and Periodontal Disease

Everyone knows that going to the dentist twice a year for bi-annual check-ups is the best way to keep your teeth, gums, and mouth healthy. Also, there are many different published resources and old time sayings that allude to the fact that overall bodily health starts with your mouth. Not only do you want to keep your teeth and mouth healthy and looking good, but oral health is also linked to numerous systemic diseases like lung cancer.

What is a systemic disease?

A systemic disease is a disease that spreads throughout the body, affecting a system of organs, like the lungs or heart. There has been previous mention in other blogs that periodontal disease is systemically linked to cardiovascular disease and stroke. This means, when a patient has cardiovascular 
disease AND periodontal disease the risk for a heart attack significantly increases. This is  due to the systemic association between the two diseases in the body.

New Lung Cancer Research

Recently, there have been more and more studies showing systemic diseases related to periodontal disease. One of the latest studies published online in the Journal of Periodontology shows that there is an increased risk of developing lung cancer if an individual is already battling periodontal disease.

This study suggested that there is a specific oral bacterium that may be involved with the evolution of cancer cells in the lungs. This is alarming information, However, an additional study proposed that with treatment of periodontal disease the risk of developing those cancer cells in the lungs would be greatly reduced. In the meantime, it is critical to maintain your periodontal health to reduce the risk of these systemic diseases. Not only will you be keeping your entire body healthy, your mouth will be free of periodontal disease and cavities and you will lower your risk of lung cancer in the future.

Taking Care of Yourself

The best way to avoid developing cancer cells in the lungs is to abstain from the obvious, smoking cigarettes. One way to lower your risk of lung cancer is to limit exposure to certain chemicals and air pollutants. Research your family history of lung cancer or any previous lung related diseases, and keep your immune system strong by taking your daily vitamins and minerals.

If you know you are doing your best to avoid lung diseases, your mouth may be the issue. Dr. Nemeth is here to help! You will receive outstanding care at your oral evaluation. Have questions about periodontal disease or treatment? We can answer all of your questions at your first consultation.

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