BREAKING NEWS! FDA Clears Revolutionary Bone Regeneration Technology

There is a small group of dental professionals currently providing the LANAP laser gum procedure. While this technology has been a part of periodontal practices for many years, it has now become FDA-cleared for a new use in bone regeneration.

Used by a trained and certified periodontist, LANAP is a surgical laser procedure designed for the treatment of periodontitis, or gum disease, through regeneration (growth) rather than resection (cutting). The LANAP procedure is a protocol that deals with inflammation, the infectious process, obstruction, tooth mobility, and a bone component.First Ever Regenerative FDA-Clearance in Both Dentistry and Medicine

This same laser technology is now cleared by the FDA for periodontal regeneration, making it the first ever regenerative clearance in both dentistry and medicine. What this means is that this new technology is shown to regrow jaw bone without the use of bone grafts or other growth factors. This latest medical advancement also allows for new root-structure and supporting periodontal structure.

Simply put, the LANAP protocol can re-grow the tissues and bone lost to gum disease. Compared to traditional bone surgery, patients say the LANAP protocol is less painful, with less post-op sensitivity, gum loss and very short recovery time after treatment.

Advanced Medical Studies

Proving true periodontal regeneration using the LANAP protocol required human histology studies to confirm no adverse events would occur. These studies also confirmed that the entire attachment apparatus, new periodontal ligament, and new bone would be restored. Due to this research, medical technology continues to advance giving patients less invasive procedures with better long-term results.

How is LANAP Changing the Face of Medicine?

Using the LANAP procedure, treating gum disease, saving hopeless teeth and regenerating tissue and bone is now simpler than ever. This allows the periodontist to help patients achieve the best dental health possible in the most comfortable manner available. This laser application not only provides a painless alternative to more invasive gum surgery but also extends the boundaries of traditional medical and dental technology.

We Offer This Revolutionary Technology in Our Office

Joseph R. Nemeth & Associates strive to stay at the forefront of medical and periodontal technology and are experts in this protocol. Dr. Nemeth was the first Periodontist in southeast Michigan to be personally trained and certified in the use of the LANAP laser and has years of experience treating his patients with excellent results.

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