Finding a LANAP Provider

If you are contemplating getting the revolutionary LANAP procedure, it is vital to find a skilled, experienced dentist. In this blog article, we will provide tips on how best to choose the best LANAP provider for you.

1. Verify LANAP Accreditation

Verifying certification is the initial step in locating an authorized LANAP supplier. The LANAP protocol is a patented method that can only be performed by dentists who have completed the required training and certification. As one of the most experienced, accredited providers in the country, Dr. Joseph Nemeth would be an excellent choice.

2. Research Online Testimonials

When selecting a LANAP provider, it is essential to conduct research. Examine online testimonials from patients who have undergone the treatment. This will offer you an impression of their experience and the dentist’s level of care. Please take the time to read our reviews and watch our educational YouTube videos!

3. Consider Experience

The more experience a LANAP provider has, the more probable it is that they will deliver a positive conclusion. Choose a dentist who has conducted the operation multiple times with a high percentage of success. Dr. Nemeth has over a decade of experience in performing the LANAP procedure.

4. Examine The Credentials Of The Dentist

Consider their qualifications while selecting a LANAP provider. Search for a dentist who holds a DDS or DMD, is a member of professional dental organizations, and has received laser dentistry training. Dr. Joseph Nemeth is an esteemed member of a number of professional dental organizations and has received considerable laser dentistry training.

5. Ask For Referrals

If you have family or friends who have undergone LANAP, ask for recommendations. These can provide vital insight about the quality of care and overall experience of the dentist.

6. Consult Your Insurance Company

Certain dental insurance policies offer coverage for LANAP. Check with your insurance carrier to determine if the operation is covered and if they provide a list of authorized LANAP providers in your area. Contact our skilled staff to see if LANAP is covered by your insurance. Let us help you optimize your benefits.

In conclusion, locating a certified LANAP provider requires verifying certification, studying internet reviews, seeking experience, evaluating credentials, requesting referrals, and contacting your insurance company. Dr. Joseph Nemeth is a licensed and experienced LANAP specialist with a reputation for providing his patients with great care. Contact us today to see if LANAP is right for you!