Cosmetic Crown Lengthening & The Importance of a Smile

The importance of an attractive smile cannot be exaggerated. Studies have shown that smile esthetics play a major role in the perception of whether a person is attractive and whether they are friendly, trustworthy, intelligent, and self-confident. An important factor in the esthetics of a smile is the amount of gum tissue that is displayed when a person smiles.

Excessive gum display may negatively affect how people are perceived. A smile that reveals excess gum tissue also known as a “gummy” smile is not something you have to live with. As the case on this page demonstrates, gummy smiles and uneven gum contours around teeth can be corrected with a procedure called Cosmetic Crown Lengthening.

A Cosmetic Crown Lengthening procedure can eliminate the excess gum tissue around the teeth and restore balance to the smile.  Sometimes teeth appear to be too short because they are covered with excess gum tissue. This can be corrected by removing the excess tissue to reshape the gums and expose more of the tooth structure. The outcome is a more esthetically pleasing, natural-looking smile.

Below is a patient who was concerned about her “gummy” smile. A cosmetic crown lengthening procedure eliminated the excess gum tissue and restored her smile. She was very pleased with the result.