Gum Procedure Does Wonders for Metro-Detroit Woman!

We see patients everyday who are embarrassed by their smiles. Embarrassment can be caused by various different dental conditions including missing teeth, crooked teeth, teeth that appear too large or too small, a gummy smile, bad breath, etc.  Insecurity about the smile can cause many problems in a person’s personal and professional life.

Recently we had a young woman in our office that came to us because she hated her smile. She had what is considered a “gummy smile”. Her teeth appeared to be too small in comparison to the rest of her mouth because they were covered with excess gum tissue. Despite being a delightful and beautiful young woman, she hated taking pictures and was ashamed of her mouth.

This young woman turned out to be an incredibly special case. To perfect her smile, we performed a cosmetic crown lengthening procedure on her. By reshaping the tissue, we were able to expose more of the tooth structure, creating balance between her teeth and gums. The outcome of this procedure not only dramatically improved her smile; it changed the entire look of her face. The cosmetic crown lengthening procedure turned a beautiful young woman into a stunning supermodel.

In a post-procedure testimonial, the patient said that after receiving treatment at our office, she is excited to show off her new smile and now loves taking pictures and being in front of the camera!

We love taking on cases that deliver life-changing results. Our goal is to help patients achieve healthier, more beautiful smiles in the most comfortable and relaxing environment possible. Using state-of-the-art technology and cutting-edge techniques we provide stunning treatment outcomes for our patients.



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