What Your Mouth Is Saying About Your Body

Your mouth can tell you a lot about your body. At just a quick glance, you may notice nothing but your choppers, but what is often harboring inside the mouth is several different species of bacteria. While much of the bacteria is harmless, some of the peskier kinds can pull together in pockets of the gums, causing the gums to swell and/or bleed, and can often lead to bone loss and teeth that are loose and falling out.

People with gum disease have hundreds of different kinds of bacteria hanging around in their mouths, dangerously close to the bloodstream. Harmful bacteria can enter the blood vessels and travel to other parts of the body and wreak havoc. Gum disease and tooth loss are linked to pneumonia, diabetes, kidney disease, stroke, heart problems, and other problems in the body. A periodontist will be able to examine your mouth for gum disease. If you have any signs of periodontal disease (gums that are red, swollen, puffy, painful, or bleeding) you should have your mouth checked out before it progresses.

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Aside from gum disease and loose teeth, bad breath may also be an indicator of poor health. While bad breath often comes from bacteria harboring inside gum pockets, sometimes it can indicate underlying medical conditions such as oral cancers, lung cancer, and dry mouth syndromes.

The teeth themselves may actually be quite telling as well. Hairline cracks in the teeth can indicate that someone may be grinding their teeth in their sleep, or that they are suffering from mental stress.

To make sure your oral and total body health are on point, it is important to maintain regular visits to both your physician and your dentist! Remember…good health starts in your mouth!

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