What is LANAP gum therapy?

LANAP® is the first FDA-cleared laser protocol for the treatment of gum disease. It is a procedure in which the PerioLase® MVP-7TM laser is used to destroy the harmful bacteria which causes gum disease. While the laser is effective against the bacteria, it does not damage the healthy tissue.

Benefits of LANAP

While there are other safe and effective treatments for gum disease, LANAP® offers the following benefits:

Treats gum disease and saves teeth
Same day recovery
Less discomfort than traditional periodontal surgery
Less possibility of recession than traditional periodontal surgery
LANAP® is proven to regrow the bone surrounding your teeth
LANAP® is safe regardless of whether you have other diseases or are taking medications

How Does Laser Surgery Work? Treat Gum Disease - LANAP

Less Pain. Less Discomfort. The Laser Alternative to Traditional Gum Gum Surgery.

Did you know that gingivitis and periodontitis is caused by harmful bacteria? Gum disease is often associated with tooth loss, heart disease, diabetes, underweight babies, and even some cancers. To avoid these consequences, you must seek treatment for gingivitis before gum disease progresses into the more advanced stages.

Gum disease treatment and periodontal surgery in oakland, county mi

While gum disease can have serious consequences, options for treating it are now less invasive and more convenient than ever before thanks to the PerioLase® MVP-7TM laser and the Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP®). Periodontal surgery is safe and effective. As a periodontist, Dr. Joseph Nemeth offers LANAP® and periodontal surgery in Oakland County, MI.

Treating your gum disease can increase the quality and length of your life and treatment is more convenient than ever. Dr. Joseph Nemeth is certified to perform LANAP® and he provides periodontal surgery and Laser Gum Therapy in Oakland County, MI. Whether you have gingivitis or more severe periodontitis, you should call to schedule your consultation with Dr. Nemeth today.


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