Cosmetic Crown Lengthening

Cosmetic crown lengthening is a viable option to improve a gummy smile or to recontour uneven gingival margins. Sometimes teeth appear short, when they are actually the proper size but are covered with excessive gum tissue. This can be corrected by removing excess tissue to expose more of the tooth structure. The tissue can also be reshaped to allow for a more even gum line. The outcome is a more esthetically pleasing, natural-looking smile.

In some cases, reshaping the gum and supporting tissues provides your general dentist with adequate room to place quality final crowns or veneer restorations. Cosmetic crown lengthening is critical and necessary in such cases in order to establish a natural looking smile when the front teeth are too short or uneven in length.


Crown Lengthening Before and After

Benefits of Crown Lengthening

Establish a beautiful, less gummy smile
Improve periodontal health
Eat with comfort
Speak with confidence
Take beautiful photos!

Gummy Smile Correction (REAL RESULTS!!)

Lip Lowering

Detroit Gummy Smile Correction | Periodontist Detroit

Benefits of Lip Lowering

In some occasions we may recommend both procedures to achieve the optimal result. We would do crown lengthening to lengthen the teeth, as well as lip lowering so that the lip does not pull up as high. In certain situations, this is the best option to eliminate a gummy smile.

Increase the fullness of the upper lip
Establish a beautiful, less gummy smile
Does not result in external scarring
Fast recovery time
Eat, smile, and speak with comfort and confidence
Look better in photos!