What Are Those Black Triangle-Shaped Spaces Between My Teeth?

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So you’ve noticed there’s a black space between your teeth that’s shaped like a triangle. It didn’t used to

be there and then it was just kinda small and now it’s a pretty big gap. WHAT is going on? Are your teeth

separating? Probably not. Are they thinning on the sides?  Doubtful . Are your teeth shrinking? Most




Chances are your gums have started to recede

from too much brushing, brushing too hard or

periodontal disease. The gum in between your

teeth, also called papilla, follows along the shape

of your bone and if you start to lose that bone,

your gums recede or shrink to the bone. That’s

why that triangle started out small but got

bigger as more bone was lost. There simply isn’t enough gum

to fill the space between your teeth.  And, sometimes food gets stuck in those triangles, right? Not only is

this annoying and can make you self-conscious, but also it can cause excessive plaque buildup.




If the recession is caused by brushing too hard, you may be able to slow it by not brushing so vigorously.

Sometimes we try to clean our teeth too aggressively  or too often. If you aren’t using a soft bristle

toothbrush, start by changing to one. When you brush, don’t brush so hard; you’re not scrubbing the grout

from between your bathroom tiles! Make sure you’re brushing, not scrubbing.


If the recession is caused by poor oral hygiene and your recession is pretty mild, you can still get back on

track. Start flossing and brushing twice daily using an anti-bacterial toothpaste and rinse with an anti-

bacterial mouthwash. Be sure to visit your dentist or periodontist twice a year for cleaning and

maintenance. You may need to go every three months for a little while to get your mouth back in fighting



If your recession is more severe, you may have gum disease or periodontitis. Your best bet is to schedule an

appointment with a Periodontist. They can do a deeper cleaning than a General Dentist and can work with

you to determine if you need additional treatment or care.




It may be repairable to a point. Depending on the size of the triangle, a periodontist may be able to fill in

some of the gum using The Pinhole Technique, a minimally invasive procedure that extends the gum line.

There are some variables that are involved so your best bet is to visit a periodontist for a consultation to

determine your individualized treatment.




Remember, your oral health is the gateway to your body’s overall health. Keeping your mouth healthy helps

keep your body healthy. Most people don’t realize that many diseases are linked to periodontal disease, like

heart disease, pancreatic cancer and diabetes to name just a few. Staying on top of your oral care is very

important to your general health so don’t let it get away from you. Black triangles aren’t the only sign that

you may have gum issues. Make sure you’re aware of any changes you notice in your mouth and don’t be

afraid to contact a dental professional with any questions or concerns.


Your health matters to us!

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