Your Braces Could Be Causing Gum Problems- The Ortho-Perio Connection

Your Braces Could Be Causing Gum Problems- Gum Swelling Due To Braces

gums growing over braces

Your Braces Could Be Causing Gum Problems


Orthodontia, or braces, can vastly improve the appearance and function of the teeth. On the other hand, orthodontic appliances may also contribute to periodontal problems such as enlarged gums, swelling of the gums, or gum recession.


The presence of braces can make cleaning the teeth more difficult. When you are unable to clean

your teeth properly, bacteria can accumulate and this may irritate the gum tissue and cause it to become

inflamed and overgrown. This tissue enlargement makes it even more difficult to clean the teeth

contributing to further irritation.



Swelling Gums

Another factor that could cause the gums to swell could be due to the proximity of the hardware on the

teeth. While the gums may return to their normal, healthy state after braces are removed, we do see a

number of patients with persistent gum overgrowth during and post-orthodontia. This can be treated very

successfully with a crown lengthening procedure.


Braces can also contribute to the opposite problem of gum recession. In order to properly align the teeth,

they are pulled out of their natural position and pushed into a new one. The force used to align the teeth

can cause stress on the surrounding bone and gum, contributing to recession.


Gum recession can cause various problems including tooth decay, sensitivity, a compromised appearance,

bone loss, and possibly even tooth loss. Thankfully, gum recession can now be treated with the minimally-

invasive Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation Procedure.


Home Treatment

You can start by brushing aggressively in the areas where the gums are swelling, making sure that you

clean those areas as thoroughly as possible with a Waterpik on high pressure. In the areas where your

gums are receding make sure you brush very gently and use the Waterpik on low pressure. Check out our

video on proper brushing with recession.


Dr Nemeth was interviewed on Vice and asked more questions regarding this issue. It seems that more and

more people are experiencing their gums swelling over braces.


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Gums Growing Over Braces