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VeinViewer Flex

technologyDr. Nemeth consistently and purposely seeks and uses the most modern state-of-the-art technology for the benefit of our patients. It is our goal to meet the needs of each and every one of our patients in the most comfortable way possible. One of the recent technological aids we have obtained for use in our office is a VeinViewer Flex®, which is a hand-held instrument that allows us to clearly see the patient’s veins to draw blood or to administer drugs used for sedation. This imaging device helps us locate the optimal site and avoid unnecessary punctures.

The VeinViewer Flex works by using near-infrared light to harmlessly illuminate the soft tissue around the veins to reveal a digital vein map on the surface of the skin. The light is absorbed by blood, but reflected by surrounding tissue. The HD (high definition) image is then projected directly on the skin. Clinical tests have shown that the VeinViewer Flex improves IV first-stick success by up to 100 percent, thereby reducing pain and improving patient satisfaction. While we can use this device for all patients, it will be especially useful for patients with hard-to-locate veins. The VeinViewer Flex gives us a real solution to help meet those needs.

Dr. Nemeth has also pioneered the use of new technologies such as dental lasers and new treatments such as the chao pinhole surgical technique for gum recession.