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Trios3 Digital Impressions

At our office we are all about patient care and comfort. As part of our dedication to providing patients with the best periodontal care in the most pleasing environment possible, we have a new piece of equipment available to assist us in making this possible. This innovative new technological device is called the Trios3and is used for taking digital impressions of the mouth. We are the FIRST dental practice in Michigan to obtain one, making us one of the first of a small handful of other practices in the United States.


This means, in many cases, that there is no longer a need for patients to bite down on gummy, often gag-inducing impression material in order to get a good model of the mouth.

The Trios3 is an intraoral, hand-held scanner that takes fast and easy 3D color impressions of the patient’s teeth and mouth. After the teeth are scanned, exact-replica, high-resolution images are sent digitally to the lab so that dental prosthetics can be created. Because no molds need to be poured, the turn-around-time tends to be much faster than with traditional impressions. The Trios3 is also capable of measuring shades of teeth so that your prosthetic is a good match for your existing teeth.

Your health and satisfaction are of the utmost importance to us. We pride ourselves on staying abreast of the latest technology to help make your visit with us as relaxed and pleasant as possible. It is our hope that this new device will eliminate yet another barrier for fearful patients to obtain the periodontal treatment they need.