Dark Gums Treatment - Gingival Pigmentation Removal

Our office is proud to provide patients a treatment for hyperpigmentation of the gums, or dark gums.

While dark, discolored gums are generally unharmful, they can be esthetically unpleasing and a source of embarrassment. This common condition is usually genetic and typically related to an increase in melanin pigment in the gum tissue in certain areas, sometimes throughout the entire mouth. Smoking and chewing tobacco may also contribute to this problem.

Pigmentation may also be caused by silver (amalgam) fillings. Parts of the amalgam can get lodged under the gum and discolor the surrounding tissue. This, too, can cause dark spots, usually black, blue, or grey in color.


Treatment options for discovered gums in Michigan

There are several treatment options available to help eliminate the appearance of dark gums. Laser gum lightening may be used to restore the appearance of pink, healthy gums.

Dark pigmentation absorbs laser energy more strongly than the surrounding tissue so the result can be lighter, brighter looking gum tissue.

In other situations, a scalpel can be used to remove the top layer of tissue that contains the dark pigment. This can also be completed using a small instrument called a diamond burr which functions similarly to a nail file.

Dark gums treatment before and after