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PRF for Faster Healing

PRF Therapy Naturally Promotes Faster Healing

Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) describes a method of using all-natural platelet gel from the patient’s body to stimulate bone and soft-tissue growth for faster healing.

PRF can be used in an oral surgery setting with many procedures, including, guided tissue regeneration, sinus lifts, connective tissue grafting, periodontal surgery, and dental implant placement.

Using the PRF membrane, a series of healing events are immediately initiated, which under normal surgical circumstances would take days to begin. The growth factors contained in the membrane jump-start the healing process on the surgical site.

To create the PRF material the following steps are taken.

Step 1 – Blood is drawn from the patient.

Step 2 – Blood is spun by a centrifuge into a platelet concentration.

Step 3- The platelet concentration is produced into a white blood cell rich membrane. This membrane also contains blood vessel growth factors.

Step 4- The membrane is placed over top the area which accelerated healing is desired.

The process of collection and matrix formation takes very little time and has been proven to be largely successful in oral surgery. More uses for this technology are being discovered daily. Dr. Nemeth and Dr. Katranji both use PRF technology to aid in patient recovery following a surgery.