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Michigan Tooth Replacement Options

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Michigan Tooth Replacement Options

Statistics show that there are 120 million people in the United States who have at least one missing tooth. A missing tooth can be problematic for many reasons including that it can result in difficulty eating and speaking as well as cause cosmetic problems and premature aging. A viable option for a patient who is missing a tooth is to get a tooth replacement.

Advancements in dentistry have made it possible for patients to have several options for tooth replacement. Some of the common procedures include:


Single Dental Implant:

Dental implants are replacements for tooth roots. They are surgically placed into the jawbone and provide a permanent foundation for replacement teeth. A single tooth dental implant works just like it sounds, to replace one single tooth. Dental implants offer the advantage of stimulating the bone under and around the missing tooth to prevent further bone loss and a prematurely aged face. Dental implants are built to last a lifetime and function just like real teeth, so no one will even know you have them!


dental implant


Removable Partial Denture:

A removable partial denture is made up of two or more crowns for teeth on either side of a gap caused by a missing tooth or teeth. Thus, creating a bridge in between the space. Removable partials are taken out daily to clean and will need to be adjusted and/or repaired over time. Some patients consider partials to be uncomfortable and they may negatively affect taste buds.

dental bridge


Full Denture:

Dentures are often considered a low cost alternative to dental implants. They are artificial teeth and gums that are formed to the mouth to replace an entire arch of teeth. Dentures are custom designed to fit the mouth but are held in place by glues or adhesives. Typically, dentures will need to be replaced every five to eight years. One of the drawbacks with dentures is that they don’t stimulate the jaw bone, therefore the patient may experience sagging facial skin and an altered appearance.



All-On-4 Dental Implants:

If an entire arch of teeth needs to be replaced, a dental implant is not required for each tooth. Instead, four dental implants can be placed on either the top or bottom arch (or both, if necessary) to support a prosthetic set of teeth. The implants are permanently fixed in place and fuse with the jaw to promote bone stimulation. All-on-4 will give patients a functional, healthy smile for life!


all on 4



Michigan Dental Implants Makes Tooth Replacement Easy!

Due to the host of problems that can be caused by a missing tooth, it is advisable to have it replaced one way or the other. That being said, if you are looking to restore your quality of life and regain full mouth functionality with a permanent solution, dental implants have become the gold standard.

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