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HPV Testing

HPV has gained some national attention lately with its link to oral cancer. Until recently, HPV has been associated mainly with cervical cancer. Research is now finding that HPV, especially HPV 16, may play a role in the development of several throat and mouth cancers.

HPV infects many of the epithelial cells of the skin and mucosa including areas in the mouth, throat, tongue, tonsils, etc. Because of the potentially harmful effects this virus may have on the body, people are now making strides in protecting themselves and others against HPV.

In an effort to help patients identify their risk for HPV, Dr. Nemeth is now offering the OraRisk℠ HPV testat his office. It is a non-invasive screening tool used to identify the types of HPV that could possibly lead to oral cancer. The test allows Dr. Nemeth to establish if the patient is at an increased risk for oral cancer and determine appropriate action.

Also available at Dr. Nemeth’s office is a saliva DNA test provided by OralDNA Labs™Inc. to determine the specific type and quantity of disease-causing bacteria present in patients’ mouths. This test will also reveal if a person’s genetic makeup puts them at greater risk for developing gingival infections.

It is important to be aware of what is going on inside your mouth and body. By assessing your risk of periodontal disease, HPV, and oral cancer, you may be able to detect a problem before it occurs.