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Gum Depigmenation Procedure

Gum Depigmentation Procedures are Available in Metro Detroit

Some people have very heavily pigmented gum tissue and they want that pigment eliminated or reduced which Michigan Board-Certified Periodontist Dr. Joseph Nemeth can do.

The clinical term for dark gums is “hyperpigmentation” and it is typically caused by genetics. Dark gums don’t necessarily indicate any underlying issues and perfectly healthy gums can appear to be discolored.

There are a number of ways to eliminate the discolored gum tissue that don’t actually involve the use of a bleaching solution.


Eliminate Dark Gums

An option to treat dark gums involves the use of a diamond file to eliminate the outer layer of pigmented, dark tissue. Left behind will be pink, healthy beautiful gums.  Recovery time is minimal and patients can often return to their normal schedules fairly quickly.


Michigan DARK GUMS Treatment

Sometimes a gum bleaching procedure is performed along with other cosmetic gum procedures to obtain the ultimate best outcome. One of the more common procedures we perform is called crown lengthening. This is done to eliminate the appearance of a gummy smile when too much gum tissue is visible when a person smiles or laughs.

We can also offer procedures for people who don’t have enough gum tissue. For areas of recession, Dr. Nemeth can perform Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation which is a minimally invasive procedure that often doesn’t require the use of scalpels or sutures.


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