Antimicrobial Gum Disease Therapy

Non-Invasive Gum Disease Treatment

Are you infected with parasites?


Over 500 bacterial species have been identified in the oral cavity. Studies show a presence of pathogenic parasites in patients with oral periodontal disease. With nearly 50 percent of the adult population suffering from some form of gum disease, chances are you too, could be infected with parasites.


Parasites are easily transmittable and can infect individuals through:

  • Kissing
  • Pets (kissing pets, having pets lick your face, etc.)
  • Consumption of water from certain parts of the world (such as the Caribbean)

Gum Disease Parasites

We can determine whether a patient is infected with pathogenic micro-organisms using a microscope. Pathogenic parasites are very motile (actively moving) and defend themselves against our immune system. They release enzymes that can weaken and destroy the gum tissue and the tooth’s support bone. Eventually, the teeth may become loose, mobile, and even fall out.

gum disease parasite

Treating Gum Disease

By identifying bacteria present in the mouth, Dr. Joseph Nemeth can more effectively treat gum disease and help prevent it from reoccurring. With the help of lasers, antibiotics, and home care, we are able to control and eliminate the gum infection and treat the effect of the disease (pockets). Regular microscopic assessments can confirm that the parasites have not returned.


Often, There Is No Surgery Needed!

Treat gum diseaseThis new therapy can eliminate these parasites without the need for traditional surgical procedures!

In some cases, Laser Gum Treatment will be recommended in conjunction with home care. Eliminating oral parasites can lead to a steady recovery from chronic and aggressive gum disease. Reinfection can typically be eliminated by following a diligent home care regimen.

Dr. Joseph Nemeth is the first periodontist in the state of Michigan and one of only three in the United States to be trained and certified in Dr. Mark Bonner’s antimicrobial therapy. Schedule an appointment today to find out if parasites are infecting your mouth!