9 Ways To Speed Up Your Morning Routine

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We’re all looking for ways to save time in the morning allowing us to sleep as late as possible. Here are some helpful tips to speed up your morning routine without skipping out on important tasks:


SET THE TIMER ON YOUR COFFEE MAKERsave time in the morning

If you’re a caffeine-junky, program your coffee maker to start automatically and have your mug or travel cup set out. No timer? Just fill it the night before and start it while you’re getting ready. Either way, your coffee is done when you are so you just pour and go! Ahhhhh…


save time in the morning



You’d be surprised how much time you can save in the morning by preparing your bowl, oatmeal (or cereal), glass and silverware. Then, in the morning just pour it in the bowl and you’re done. You’ll save time and money since you won’t have to stop for a starchy, fat-laden bagel or donut.





save time in the morning

Laying out your clothes ahead of time avoids wasted minutes in the morning deciding what to wear. You can be sure it’s wrinkle-free and nothing is missing or broken like buttons and zippers or no tears or rips. Have kids? You can set out their clothes the night before…or have them do it, so there’s no time lost deciding what they want to wear! Win-win!



save time in the morningMEAL PREP

Pre-make your lunch. If you take your lunch to work, make that the night before too. You can make a sandwich, pack a salad or have your frozen meal ready to go. Just toss them into your bag or lunch tote and you’re off! Same for the kids! Pre-packaging their snacks saves tons of time in the morning. Have several options ready and let them pick their faves for the day.  Yum!




SHOWER THE NIGHT BEFOREsave time in the morning

That’s a huge morning time saver. Plus, there’s nothing like hopping into bed fresh from a shower or bath. You’re warm and relaxed and may fall asleep easier. Don’t make it too hot or you’ll be over-heated and have a harder time getting to sleep.




save time in the morningSAVE TIME WHEN YOU BRUSH YOUR TEETH

In the morning (and evening), brush your teeth with the 30 Second Smile tooth brush.  It brushes the top and bottom, inside and outside of your teeth all at the same time and in 30 seconds flat! Fifteen seconds on each side and your pearly whites are minty fresh and ready for the day!






save time in the morning

Use a Water Pik Water Flosser, floss pic, or a floss stick instead of dental floss. Pics and sticks are faster, neater and easier. No sticking your hands in your mouth and turning your head at weird angles to reach those tough spots! Yep, we all do it! Plus, you can easily take them with you in a pocket or purse to do a quick post-meal cleaning between your teeth. No more worrying whether you’ve got a chunk of lunch staring people in the face!



save time in the morning


Have all of the things that you need to take with you in the morning packed and ready to go. If you do that, they’re always in the same place and there’s no searching for missing keys, files, purses or your briefcase at the last minute.

Organize your bathroom as well. Having things in order and in a set place saves time digging through drawers looking for hair pins, toothpaste, razors or whatever seems to escape you whenever you’re in a hurry in the morning. This cuts down on anxiety too which is never a great way to start the day.

save time in the morning




Try timing yourself as you get ready to see how long each task takes. Can you cut some time by doing something faster?  Simpler? Better?  Or maybe move something to your evening routine giving you a few extra minutes for your morning.



It’s amazing how a little preparation and organization can lessen the anxiety and save time in the morning. Knowing you’ve got everything ready for your morning lessens your anxiety so you can sleep easier! Try all or some of these and see if they help you get up and out the door faster and less stressed. Have some more time-saving ideas? Share them below!


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