Periodontal Treatment & Systemic Connection

istock_000022934369mediumIf you are like nearly half of the US adult population, then chances are you have experienced some form of periodontal disease. As recent research shows, periodontal disease has been linked to various different systemic diseases in the body including diabetes, heart disease, respiratory disease, cancer, low birth weight babies, and other health complications.

While the exact link is still to be discovered, research indicates that inflammation may be responsible for the association between periodontal disease and other chronic health conditions. Periodontal disease is an infection of the gums that can cause inflammation, bleeding, bone loss around the teeth and eventually even tooth loss. A new study shows that by treating periodontal disease, hospitalizations and medical costs for treating other conditions may be reduced by as must as $5,600.

To conduct this study, 338,891 individuals with both periodontal disease and either Type 2 diabetes, coronary artery disease, cerebrovascular disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and pregnancy were recruited. Their insurance data was analyzed and the participants found that the medical costs and hospitalizations of people who received treatment for their periodontal disease was significantly lower than for the group who did not receive treatment.

Treatment for periodontal disease differs depending on how early it is treated. If it is caught in the early stages, treatment can usually be accomplished through a procedure called Therapeutic Scaling & Root Planing. If it is treated in the later stages, sometimes surgical therapy may be necessary. This is done to improve the health and quality of the gum tissue and to prevent any further bone loss.

Traditional gum disease treatment is often referred to as osseous surgery. It is a procedure in which pockets are eliminated or reduced by trimming away gum tissue and reshaping uneven bone. Another treatment option can be completed using a laser. This technique uses an ultrasonic scaler and a few small instruments to rid the root surface of the tooth from tartar. Also, a small amount of light energy from a laser gently removes diseased gum tissue and helps to get rid of bad bacteria from the mouth. Both procedures are very effective and not only help to improve the health of the teeth and mouth, but could also save you money if you have any other systematic illnesses.