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Loose Teeth: A Symptom of Advanced Gum Disease

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Gum Disease Can Cause Loose Teeth

loose-teeth-in-southfield-miTooth loss can have devastating effects on your quality of life. If you have loose teeth you should seek treatment as soon as possible. Joseph R. Nemeth DDS & Associates is a periodontal practice in Southfield, MI that can treat your loose teeth and restore your beautiful smile. Factors contributing to loose teeth may include decay, facial trauma, grinding of your teeth, gum disease, or a birth defect.


Loose Teeth in Birmingham, MI

The number one leading cause of tooth loss in American adults is gum disease. Gum disease treatment should be sought immediately to prevent tooth and bone loss.


If your loose teeth are a result of gum disease Dr. Nemeth will be able to give you several gum disease treatment options including a “breakthrough” protocol for eradicating gum disease. Ask Dr. Nemeth about Laser New Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP®); a less-invasive alternative to tradition gum disease surgery.


Losing your teeth will affect your whole life not just your mouth. You may experience any or all of the following:

  • Loss of jawbone Once this bone is lost is cannot always grow back.
  • Difficulty speaking You may develop a lisp or have difficulty pronouncing several letter sounds where your tongue and teeth have to make contact such as the d,x,z,s,n,th, and sh sounds.
  • Change in facial appearance Face and lips may appear to be sunken.
  • Diet change You may no longer be able to eat your favorite foods such as steak, salads, or crunchy breads.
  • Misalignment of teeth When you lose teeth the surrounding teeth will start to drift and lean without their supporting teeth around or “above/below” them.


Advancements in the dental field in recent years have made gum disease treatment much more convenient and comfortable. Let Joseph R. Nemeth DDS & Associates save you years of discomfort and health problems by treating your loose teeth in Southfield, MI. Call his office to make an appointment at your earliest convenience.


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