Michigan Cosmetic Gum Surgeon Corrects Small Teeth

Treatment for Appearance of Small Teeth in Oakland County, Michigan

A smile can impact people in many ways, including their self-esteem and confidence. Some evidence even shows that people who smile frequently may come across as more likable and approachable. Unfortunately, there are many people who are unhappy with the way their smile looks. While there is no real key to what make up a beautiful smile, Dr. Joseph Nemeth believes it involves a nice, healthy balance between the teeth and the gums. Dr. Nemeth is a Michigan based periodontist who has been performing gum treatment for over 30 years and has achieved great expertise in gum recontouring procedures. He is now providing patients with innovative procedures to treat their gummy smiles and the appearance of small teeth.

Many people have what is referred to as a “gummy smile”. This is when an excessive amount of gum tissue is displayed during a smile. The harmony of a smile depends not only on the teeth, but also the shape, position, and amount of gum tissue that is seen. When the gums overpower the other components of a smile, it may appear unbalanced and aesthetically unpleasing.

Sometimes people have what are considered normal-size teeth but they are covered with too much gum tissue which in turn makes them appear smaller than they actually are. In cases like this, the patient may be a candidate for a crown lengthening procedure. During this procedure, Dr. Nemeth re-sculpts the gum tissue so that more of the tooth structure is visible when the patient smiles. Essentially, the gum tissue is lifted and shaped for a more attractive look. This procedure may also be done prior to having restorative work completed so that the teeth have adequate room for crowns or veneers to be placed.

Another common situation is when people have normal-size teeth but their lip pulls up too high when they smile which reveals too much gum tissue. Many people also have an unnaturally high lip line. In these cases where the position or shape of the gum tissue is not the problem, a lip repositioning procedure may be a good treatment option. This procedure brings the lip down and allows it to appear more natural and harmonious with the teeth. A fuller upper lip may also be a result.

Dr. Nemeth has a passion for treating gum disease and performing periodontal plastic surgery. He is dedicated to helping patients achieve their best smile.