Periodontist Reverses Gum Recession with Gum Grafts

Sometimes people brush their teeth very vigorously, with hard brushes, and for long periods of time thinking they are doing their mouth a good deed. But did you know that over brushing your teeth might actually be causing yourself a disservice?

Brushing the teeth too hard or too frequently may actually be causing problems for your oral health. Abrasion from tooth brushing can lead to sensitive teeth and receding gums. When a person brushes their teeth too vigorously, the enamel on the tooth may wear down and the gums may begin to pull back exposing more of the root area which may cause sensitivity around the area.

A recent estimate from the Wall Street Journal reveals that an estimated 10 to 20 percent of people have damaged their teeth and/or gums due to excessive brushing. Many people believe that they are providing extra benefits to their teeth by brushing harder, but it is actually quite to the contrary.

In order to avoid causing recession to the gums, it is important to use a soft-bristled brush with just a little bit of pressure. Make sure that you brush in small circular motions and avoid a vigorous back-and-forth sawing motion.

If you have experienced gum recession due to overbrushing or otherwise, Detroit periodontist Dr. Joseph Nemeth specializes in a connective tissue graft procedure that can use the patients own gum tissue to cover the area of recession. It is a highly successful procedure that provides excellent esthetic results.

For questions on over brushing or the connective tissue procedure, please contact Dr. Nemeth’s Southfield, MI office at 248-357-3100.