Dental Laser Therapy Performed by Detroit Dentist

When people are told that they need gum disease treatment, many of them put it off simply because they are scared of the procedure. Just the act of going to the dentist is enough to give some people nightmares for weeks; let alone having an actual surgical procedure done!

Gum disease treatment is typically need when periodontal pockets are so deep and harbor so much bacteria that they will not benefit from deep teeth cleanings. Surgical intervention is often needed to prevent further bone and tissue damage from periodontal disease. If the disease is left untreated, tooth loss may occur from continued bone deterioration.

Our cutting-edge periodontal practice utilizes the LANAP laser for treatment of gum disease. This form of periodontal treatment uses an ultrasonic scaler and a few small instruments to remove tartar from the root surface of the tooth. Then a small laser uses light energy to remove diseased gum tissue and bacteria from the mouth. The body will heal naturally from this procedure, so stitches are not necessary. The laser procedure itself is virtually painless and the post-procedure discomfort is very minimal.

Patients who have had the LANAP procedure in our office have been thrilled with the results! Watch our video testimonial gallery HERE!

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