Dental Implant Options in Bloomfield Hills MI

When somebody begins to lose their teeth, it can be difficult on somebody both mentally and physically. Because teeth are such a vital part of our health and well-being, it is important to replace them if they are missing.

If you’ve lost teeth, there’s a good chance that by now you’ve heard of dental implants as an option to replace them! Just because you’ve heard of them though; you may not know exactly what they are.

Dental implants are tiny titanium posts that are placed into the jaw bone to act as a tooth root. The implants are designed specifically to attach to the jawbone. When the implant is securely attached to the jaw, it will be ready to have a “tooth” permanently placed on top of it. Picture a tree and its roots in the ground. This is similar to a dental implant. The titanium post is like the roots, and the jaw bone is like the soil in the ground. The tooth is attached to the implant, similar to a tree trunk and its roots. All of these parts act as one cohesive unit.



One tooth, many or all teeth can be replaced using dental implants. Unlike dentures, the patient does not have to worry about their teeth becoming loose or slippery. The teeth are permanent and cannot be removed unless done so by a dentist. Dental implants look and feel just like natural teeth, so the embarrassment associated with wearing false teeth is virtually eliminated. There is no need to avoid certain foods either because one’s ability to chew will not be impaired, and will, in most cases improve!

Knowing exactly what a dental implant is can make the decision about whether or not to get one much simpler.  A well-informed patient can make a dental implant consultation much more productive because you will know which questions to ask the doctor to get the best possible results for your individualized needs.

Click HERE to view more photos of dental implant cases done in our office.