The Connection Between Dental Implants and Premature Aging

In the everlasting search for the “fountain of youth” people visit dermatology and plastic surgeons offices in route to combat their wrinkling and sagging skin. In the midst of the search for perfection, people often don’t stop to think about the cause of their aging problems. Many times, people age prematurely due to bone loss in the face.

Recent data collected from a plastic surgeon found that when facial CT scans were analyzed, the scans showed that facial bones shrink with age, most considerably between middle and old age. This change in facial bone structure causes the facial skin to droop down and lose volume…leading to wrinkles and sagging skin.

When people lose teeth, their jaw and mouth bone deteriorates even more rapidly. For this reason, it is important to replace these missing teeth with dental tooth implants. Dental implants preserve the jaw bone by providing the same function as the tooth’s natural root. Essentially, it “tricks” the jaw bone into thinking a tooth is still present, so the bone won’t deteriorate. By preserving the bone you may prevent premature aging.

Taking good care of your oral health, taking vitamins (especially calcium), refraining from smoking, and living a good, healthy lifestyle are all important in maintaining your health and beauty!

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